COA / Lab Results

Here at CBD of Newton, we value transparency. All the products we carry are tested in independent, third-party laboratories to ensure they meet our quality control standards.

Find your product below, or scan the QR code on your purchased products to see the lab results. If you have any trouble finding lab results please feel free to reach out to us!

CBD Flower

CBG White


Lava Cake

Northern Lights


Kush Mintz



Delta 8 Flower

Crunch Berries

Northern Lights

Fortified Northern Lights

Pineapple OG

Super Lemon Haze



THC-0 Flower

Purple Punch




HHC Flower


Sour Diesel



Sussex Farms 

Gummies and Edibles

Sussex Farms Delta 8 Gummies

Sussex Farms CBD:CBG Gummies

Sussex Farms CBD:CBN Gummies

Lotions and Topicals

Sussex Farms 1000mg CBD Lotion

Sussex Farms 1500mg Pain Cream

Pet Products

Sussex Farms Bacon Flavored Dog Treats


Sussex Farms 250mg CBD Tincture

Sussex Farms 500mg CBD Tincture

Sussex Farms 1000mg CBD Tincture

Sussex Farms 1000mg CBD:CBG Tincture

Sussex Farms 1500mg CBD Tincture

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Sussex Farms 4000mg CBD Tincture


Vapes and Disposables

Sussex Farms THC-0 1g Disposable Vape