Lab Test Results

Here at Legally Lit + CBD of Newton, we value transparency. All the products we carry are tested in independent, third-party laboratories to ensure they meet our quality control standards.

Find your product below, or scan the QR code on your purchased products to see the lab results. If you have any trouble finding lab results please feel free to reach out to us!



Double Doinks Prerolls

Delta Pex Treats

Caps Gummies

Diamond Shruumz Gummies and Chocolates

Deltiva Delta 8 Diamond Sauce

CannaElite Truffles, Cookies, and Espresso Beans

Tyson 2.0 Mike Bites

Earth's Medicinals Syrups

Highway Seasonings - Good Good Garlic Salt

Highway Seasonings - Twisted Cinnamon

Highway Seasonings - Butcher's Blend

Highway Seasonings - Kickin' Cowboy

Hidden Hills Live Resin Gummies

Terp Boys Delta 9 Milk Chocolate Balls

Terp Boys Delta 9 Birthday Balls

Terp Boys THCP Crumble - Peach Rings

Terp Boys THCP Crumble - Maui Wowie

Terp Boys THCP Crumble - Fire OG

CannaAid Milk Chocolate Minis

CannaAid Peanut Butter Cups

CannaAid Snoozeberry Gummies

Cycling Frog Seltzer

D8 Flight Delta 9+ Syrups

D8 Flight 300mg Single Gummy - Pomegranate

D8 Flight 300mg Single Gummy - Mango

D8 Flight 300mg Single Gummy - Mixed Berry

Cali Extrax Gummies - Guava Blast

Cali Extrax Gummies - Orange County Creamsicle

Cali Extrax Gummies - Strawberry Mango Madness

Hi On Nature Dropouts Tincture - Peaches & Cream

Hi On Nature Dropouts Tincture - Cookie Butter

Hi On Nature Shockwaves Sour Belts

Chronic Harvest 150mg Lemonade

Space Gods Gummies - Citrus Punch

Space Gods Gummies - Grape Galaxy

Space Gods Gummies - Wild Berry

Space Gods Gummies - Pink Lemonade

Space Gods Gummies - Watermelon

Space Gods Gummies - Strawberry Mango

Space Gods Gummies - Sour Apple

High Spirits Seltzer - Oracle

High Spirits Seltzer - Underworld

Koko Nuggz



Sussex Farms 

Gummies and Edibles

Sussex Farms Delta 8 Gummies Mango

Sussex Farms Delta 8 Gummies Strawberry

Sussex Farms Delta 8 Gummies Blue Raspberry

Sussex Farms Delta 8 Gummies Watermelon

Sussex Farms CBD:CBG Gummies

Sussex Farms CBD:CBN Gummies

Sussex Farms CBD + Ashwagandha Gummies


Lotions and Topicals

Sussex Farms 1000mg CBD Lotion

Sussex Farms 1500mg Pain Cream 2oz

Sussex Farms 1500mg Pain Cream 4oz

Sussex Farms Pain Relief Roll On 3oz


Pet Products

Sussex Farms Bacon Flavored Dog Treats



Sussex Farms 500mg CBD Tincture

Sussex Farms 1000mg CBD Tincture

Sussex Farms 1050mg Rest Blend Tincture

Sussex Farms 1500mg CBD Tincture

Sussex Farms 1650mg CBD:CBN Tincture

Sussex Farms 2250mg CBD:CBG Tincture

Sussex Farms 4000mg CBD:CBG Tincture

Sussex Farms Extra Strength Rest Blend 3450mg CBD:CBG:CBN Tincture


Vapes and Disposables

Sussex Farms THC-0 1g Disposable Vape


CBD Flower

Purple Punch

Sour Diesel


OG Kush

CBG White



Delta 8 Flower

OG Kush


Super Lemon Haze

Crunch Berries


THC-0 Flower

Purple Punch

Sour Diesel

Crunch Berries


HHC Flower


Sour Diesel



THC-P Flower

Sour Diesel



Super Lemon Haze


THCA Flower 

Lemon Drop

London Jealousy


Animal Mintz

Apple Jacks

Platinum OG


Ice Cream Cake


Gorilla Cookies

Han Solo 2

Blueberry Space Cake

Amnesia Haze

GMO Cookies

G Spot

Pound Cake

White Truffle

Sherb Daddy

Cali Pink Runtz

Blue Cheese

Ice Cream Cake

Gush Mintz

Detroit Runtz


Passionfruit Paradise

Wizard Tree

Banana Jam

Cali Pink Runtz

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Tropicana Runtz